Vortex — Power of cleanness


TM VORTEX – is an easy and comfortable concept of cleaning and cooking, based on high quality goods,produced using innovative technologies and newest materials. Chores and cooking take a lot of time, effort and energy. That's why modern housewives want to get more innovative,efficient and perfect means for housekeeping in order to save up their time and to get better results. Ideal cleanliness and tasty food became possible thanks to ТM VORTEX products.

TM VORTEX has latest means for cleaning,that meet the highest standarts and requirements of modern consumer. Exclusive raw materials, unique shape and advanced technologies differ each ТМ VORTEX product. Thanks to TM VORTEX cleanliness is possible at home, even without cleaning company services. Fast, easy, safe and perfect cleaning is ensured by every product. TM VORTEX cooking accessories are the best helpers for housewifes and irraplaceable at every kitchen.

TM VORTEX formula of success is high quality and wide assortment of products. Cooking accessories will help housewife to cook tasty and healthy food : foil for packing and food storage, roasting sleeve and cooking bag, food packing bag; parchment for baking and slider bags for freezing food. Kitchen sponges are - are priceless helpers for each housewife. Gloves, cloth for cleaning from microfiber, natural cellulose, viscose will guaranty good look, comfort and hygiene of house. Garbage bags are irriplaceable in daily living of each household.