Vortex — Power of cleanness

Clothes for cleaning

Vortex™ cleaning clothes are made of viscose and cellulose, microfiber.

Universal Vortex™ cleaning clothes of viscose are multifunctional, have high strength and long term of use. They are ideal for dry and wet cleaning.

Spongy clothes of cellulose serve for wet cleaning. When wet they are soft and flexible, can absorb a lot of moisture, when dry they wipe surface without stains or lints. Made of natural material they do not cause any allergic reactions. Vortex™ cellulose clothes do not leave stains, lints or bad odors.

TM VORTEX microfiber clothes are suitable for both dry and wet cleaning. When dry microfiber has an electrostatic effect. Microfiber clothes are just perfectly cleaning even tiny dusts. Fibers  penetrate even into very small micropores on cleaning surface.

Viscose clothes

Viscose - the most natural of all artificial facbrics, as the main source of its production is wood pulp. Clothes made of viscose extremely popular in the household because of their highest characteristics and universal usage. They are notable for by multi-functionality, high strength, durability and extremely high water absorbency. Made of natural materials and environmentally friendly. It allows you to quickly and effectively clean all types of surfaces. Simple and easy to use.

Key advantages:

Viscose structure


Do not scratch surfaces

Key advantages of ТМ VORTEX viscose clothes:

  • Viscose clothes are universal (can be used  at all household chores)
  • Easy maintenance and service (easily washing, squeezing, fast drying)
  • Texture is soft and pleasant to the feel (clothes do not scratch surfaces)
  • Viscose clothes don't leave stains or lints

Cellulose clothes

Cellulose – is  the main building material of flora, which makes intercellular tree walls and other higher plants. Cellulose items naturally are dry and hard.  In this condition, It prevents the growth of gems and bacterias.  It should be wetted for better usage.

Key advantages:

Cellulose structure


No residue left


Super absorbent

Key advantages of ТМ VORTEX cellulose clothes:

  • Best absorbing.
  • Don't leave stains orlints.
  • Prevents germs and bad smell.
  • Soft and flexible (when wet)
  • Natural material

Microfiber clothes

Microfiber – is an innovative material of new generation designed to clean different surfaces. The name "microfiber" appeared thanks to the technology of production of ultra-thin fibers. In the production process microfibers are separated so that they have sharp wedge-shaped edges that improve the contact with the working surface and capture particles inside microfibre. Microfiber is made of two polymers - a polyamide and polyester, which are joined into a single thread.

Vortex™ microfiber clothes are for cleaning different surfaces: glass and mirrors, furniture and techniques, glass and glossy products, it has  a unique two-layer cloth with a relief surface.


Key advantages:

microfiber effect


standard fiber effect

Key advantages of ТМ VORTEX clothes:

  • Long term usage
  • Cleaning without any detergent
  • Cleaning and polishing without any stains, lints and marks.
  • Universal usage ( can be used at all kind of surfaces, even delicate)