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Garbage bags

Garbage bags are used for storange and take out of trash.

Size and capacity of bag:

There is a size of package written either in capacity unit ( 20 L, 35 L, 60 L or etc.) or unit of length  (50х60 cm, 60х80 cm or etc.). It is often written in both ways. Bag size capacity unit is conditional, i.e. needless to take it literally. Bag volume of 35l means that bag can be used for standard household trash bin of 10-12 liters.

Bags of smaller capacity - 20 liters are made for a small home or office trash bin of 5- 8 liters.Garbage bag of 60 liters capacity is suitable for a bigger trash bin or for a non- standard bin as well as for household usage without a significant load.Garbage bag with capacity 120-160 liters are used for building trash, trash containers or oversized garbage.

Garbage bag solidity. Solidity characteristics of bag directrly depend on its material and thickness.Polyethylene of two types is used for producing bags: high density (HDPE) and low density (LDPE). They are called (HDPE) polyethylene of low pressure and (LDPE) of high pressure. HDPE is more spread and has more strength, which is used to produce large sized bags with loading not more than 5-10 kgs.LDPE is more expensive and strong with more dense material. It is used for production of large size capacity bags that can hold significant weight.They are strong in tension and compression, as well as crash-resistant.

Garbage bags standard

Most popular category of garbage bags

Key advantages of Vortex™ garbage bags standard:

  • Vortex™ bags guaranty of quality:  uniformity of film structure, optimum thickness, quality, and perforation of joint weld, conformity of statements and actual parameters
  • Price quality ration
  • Variaty of litres – from 35L to 60L
  • Capacity – 5-10 kgs
  • Bags size is specially made according to trash bin size.

Garbage bags with drawstring

It is an innovative product having special drawstrings which are fixed on trash bin and simplify taking out of trash 


Key advantages:



Key advantages of Vortex™ garbage bags with  drawstring:

  • Maximum ease of use: reliable fixation on the trash bin, convenient tying up and taking away the garbage
  • Material:  HD, LD (strong and extra strong bags with drawstrings)
  • Joint weld: absence of joint weld at the bottom secures absolute leak-proofness (only side joint)
  • Film thickness: 13-24 mic
  • Capacity: 5 - 15 kg
  • Variety of litres: 20 – 60 L
  • You can use full capacity for filling it with garbage (for information: 20-30% of standard garbage bag size is used to tie up and take away the garbage)
  • Original garbage bag color schemes
  • Perfect for home use

Ultra strong multilayer garbage bags

Ultra strong multilayer garbage bags TM VORTEX  are perfect for heavy and oversized  garbage, construction trash, outdoor bins as well as for work and cleaning in the garden or cottage.

Key advantages of Vortex™ ultra strong multilayer garbage bags:

  • Quality guaranty:  uniformity of film structure, optimum thickness, quality, and perforation of joint weld, conformity of statements and actual parameters
  • Price quality ratio
  • Ultra strong multilayer garbage bags characteristics allow to use them not only for the intended purpose (for example storage of bulk food, packing large items, particularly car wheels, etc.)
  • Material: film of a mixture of polyethylene of low and high density (LD PE/ HD PE) for produced by a multilayer extrusion
  • Variety of liters: 120 – 240
  • Capacity: 50 - 70 kgIncreased bags thickness 40-50 µm Ideal for home use: for non-standard garbage bin and outdoor bucket
  • Perfect for heavy large-sized garbage, for street bins