Vortex — Power of cleanness

Household gloves

Vortex™ household gloves are specially made for better hand protection. There are latex and nitrile gloves:

  • ТМ VORTEX latex gloves are made from natural latex, have dense and elastic structure.
  • ТМ VORTEX nitrile gloves are thin and strong at the same time, providing comfort for hands, as well as  protection and high sensivity .

Nitrile gloves

Vortex™ nitrile gloves are elastic, thin and strong, easy to grip any dry or wet items due to its sensitivity. Reliably protects hand skin from injuries and irritation.

Key advantages of Vortex™ nitrile gloves:

  • It can be used on both left and right hand.
  • It provides high sensitivity of hand.

Latex gloves

Vortex™ latex gloves are made from natural latex.

All latex gloves  have cotton coating inside, that protects skin from irritation, easy to put and remove, prevent from body perspiration.

Relief surface of working part makes latex gloves sensitive and helps reliably hold any wet items.

Key advantages:

Cotton flocking


Special grooved surface for non-slip grip

Key advantages of Vortex™ latex gloves:

  • Provide maximum comfort during household chores.
  • Protects skin from irritation and elergy thanks to cotton coating inside.
  • Long term gloves usage
  • Easy grip due to relief surface of gloves