Vortex — Power of cleanness

Multipurpose Microfiber Cloth

Vortex™ multipurpose microfiber cloth is double-sided. Thanks to wavy structure cloth softly and effectively cleans and removes contamination without scratches. It has good  absorbtivity and perfectly polishes all surfaces. Cloth removes dust, dirt and spots of grease.Don't leave stains and lints.

Application method: microfiber cloth can be used  both dry and wet. It is recommended to wash it with soap or soft detergent without conditioners and bleach after finishing cleaning. Don't iron!  Don't dry on hot batteries!  It can serve up to 2 years in case it is used in the right way.

size: 30x30 cm
quantity: 1 pcs
material: Polyamide, Polyester
package: polypropylene film
color: green