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Sponges, scourers

Sponges for dishwashing and cleaning are made from foam and natural cellulose. High density foam, porous foam and natural cellulose, as well as abrasive and nonabrasive fiber are used for kitchen sponges production. 

ТМ VORTEX sponges for dishwashing and cleaning are created using the lastest technologies and materials. Macroporous foam gives rise to high-lathering detergent.

ТМ VORTEX cellulose sponges are made of natural cellulose. Thanks to porous structure, sponges absorb moisture very good, don't leave stains and lints on the surface.

ТМ VORTEX cleaning tops of sponges specially assorted for fast and effective cleaning of different household surfaces: glassware, metal, ceramics, teflon coating, kitchen range and furniture,tile. 

Ergonomical shaped sponges are specially made for maximum usability.

Foam sponges for dishwashing and cleaning

ТМ VORTEX kitchen sponges are made of micro and macroporous foam, produced by special technologies. Thanks to the unique structure sponge doesn't crumble after a long contact with water and has strong and stable foam. Presence of 3D structure provides fast and efficient cleaning.

Key advantages:

Abrasive fiber


Non-abrasive fiber


Macroporous foam


3D structure


Key advantages of ТМ VORTEX foam sponges:

  • High quality of foam and cleaning tops are certified. 
  • Sponges are produced from European materials. 
  • Special kinds of foam provide rich lathering and increase service life of kitchen sponges.
  • Special cleaning tops of sponges effectively and gently remove various contamination. 
  • Unique sponge structure makes cleaning more convinient, easy and quick.


Natural cellulose sponges

Cellulose – is  the main building material of flora, which makes intercellular tree walls and other higher plants. Macroporous regenerated cellulose is used to produce different types of sponges for cleaning and personal hygiene. Cellulose sponge is a soft and flexible when being wet, able to absorb a lot of moisture. It is made of natural material, doesn't  cause allergic reactions and environmentally friendly. Sponge hardens after drying,  it prevents the growth of germs and bacteria, as well as the spread of bad odors.

Key advantages:

Cellulose sponge for delicate cleaning


Cellulose sponge for effective cleaning


Moist-absorbing sponges


No residue left

Key advantages of VORTEX natural cellulose sponges:

  • High quality cellulose and cleaning surfaces is certified.
  • Sponges are produced from european materials.
  • Sponge absorbs a lot of moisture.
  • It prevents the growth of bacteria and bad odors.
  • Do not cause allergies after prolonged use.
  • Do not leave stains or lint on surfaces.
  • Designed for washing dishes and cleaning various household surfaces.
  • Ergonomically shaped sponges  remove  contamination at inaccessible places and give comfort cleaning.